Mea culpa

Mea culpa. I’m sorry. If your are among the poets who have been waiting patiently for the publication of your poem(s) in the Poems-For-All series. I want to apologize for how long it often takes between the time I accept your poem(s) and when you actually receive copies of your books.

Some of you have waited months, even years.

I always have the best intentions of publishing each book as quickly as possible but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I’ve made promises I can’t keep, saying things like “I’ll have that to you next week!”

I want to stop making promises I can’t keep. But I do want to give this assurance: if your poem(s) are on the checklist, I am going to do everything I can to make sure they are eventually published.

Eventually. Not the word anyone wants to hear when it comes to work you’ve submitted. I just want you to know that, despite how long it has been since your poems were accepted for publication, your poems are still important to me.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Poems-For-All. I’ve set myself the goal of having every poem on the checklist published in physical book form and available to the poet by that anniversary.

Richard Robert Hansen