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This is Baxter. I’m posting this picture of Baxter because I apparently haven’t updated the website in over six months. This isn’t because the Poems-For-All Project has been inactive.

In fact, I have been very busy designing new covers, working on interesting collaborators. I just don’t do a very good job of posting updates to this here website.

I suppose I should add more stuff.

Until then, here’s a picture of my little bunny.


Some covers require several images and the use of Photoshop’s special features to distill them into the final cover. Below is the cover for Scottish poet Josie Neill’s book and the original art (before modifications) I used to make it.


Subscribe | how to

$10 | Six envelopes each containing at least 20 little books sent bi-monthly

I’ve been thinking about doing “subscriptions” to Poems-For-All for a long time as a way to get more of the little books out to folks interested in receiving them.

Because I want the little books of the series to always be free, I feel uncomfortable using the word subscription. Ah, semantics. What you’re really paying for is the postage to send them. You are helping me to defray the costs of postage with your ten bucks. (Thank you.)

If you have questions, please contact me at and I’ll do my best to answer them. I would prefer not to communicate about subscription issues using Facebook. If at all possible, please send me an email.


my weakly inch


My Weakly Inch Saturday, January 5th, 2019 | Gang aft agley. That’s what happens to the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Who am I to disappoint? While not one for new year resolutions, I did think it a good idea to begin 2019 writing here more often (1). “Post every day!” I might have told myself enthusiastically, ignoring all previous failed attempts to do the same. So then, five days into 2019, this first post. Happy new year? (more…)

TalkWithME (podcast)


I will be joining Marica Epstein on her podcast TalkWithME on Friday, April 27th, 2018. I love her tagline: “Without laughter, we explode, and that’s just not pretty.” Here is the bio I gave her, along with my self portrait (above) and a few images of publications put out as part of the Poems-For-All project (below).

Robert Hansen is the person behind Poems-For-All, a project that for the last 17 years has been designing and publishing miniature books of poetry that are scattered like seeds out into the world. To date, he has published over 1,500 different little books, no bigger than the size of a business card, featuring poets from all around the world, including Scotland, England, Pakistan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Philippines. The series features poems in English, French, German, Catalan, and Gaelic.




I had absolutely no business posting the above information onto my LinkedIn profile first when I haven’t posted here, to my very own website since some time in January. With everything I have to do, It is beyond me why tinkering with my profile there seemed necessary. Egad! Even that picture of me from New Year’s Eve was still sticking to the top of the blog feed. Here is the profile picture I almost posted on LI. Thank Godot, reason prevailed.