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Poet Tree Anthology | Sacramento Poetry Center

Poet Tree Anthology | A quartet—Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall—featuring six poets in each book for a total of 24 poets. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Sacramento Poetry Center.
Book I | Winter | Edited by Bob Stanley and featuring poets Traci l. Gourdine, James Lee Jobe, Geoff Neill, Laura Rosenthal, Dennis Schmitz, and Mary Zeppa.
Book II | Spring | Edited by Bob Stanley and featuring poets Joann Anglin, Connie Gutowsky, Bethanie Humphreys, Jennifer O’neill Pickering, Danyen Powell, and Bob Stanley.
Book III | Summer | Edited by Bob Stanley and featuring poets Julia Connor, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Laura Martin, Graciela Ramirez, Rick Rayburn, and CharRon Smith.
Book IV | Fall | Edited by Bob Stanley and featuring poets Rhony Bhopla, Stuart Canton, Indigo Moor, James Moose, and Allegra Silberstein.
150 sets of the Poet Tree Anthology were sent for distribution during the Fall Poetry Festival on September 14, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Sacramento Poetry Center.

Mondo Crimmins!

PFA’s second Mondo Edition!

Jack CrimminsDancing in the Sun Room
$5.00 | 92 pages | poetry | 4.25 x 6

Poems-For-All, best known as a publisher of pointlessly small books, goes LARGE with the release of a second pocket-sized book (4.25 x 6 inches) featuring the poetry of Jack Crimmins, the second in a series of planned “Mondo Editions.”