Mondo Fericano!

PFA’s first Mondo Edition!

Paul FericanoThings That Go Trump in the Night
Poems of Treason and Resistance
$7.00 | 90 pages | poetry/satire | 4.25 x 6 | ISBN 978-0-578-40224-6  
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Poems-For-All, best known as a publisher of pointlessly small books, goes LARGE with the release of a pocket-sized book (4.25 x 6 inches) featuring the poetry and prose of Paul Fericano, the first in a series of planned “Mondo Editions.”


1866 | Snyder

Marc Snyder 


Marc is an artist. His linocut art is featured on several PFA covers. We collaborated on PFA #1866 to make it his artist’s statement for Unintended/Consequences, a gallery exhibit of his work that took place in April 2019. 550 copies were made in order to ensure everyone who visited his show received a copy. (more…)

my weakly inch


My Weakly Inch Saturday, January 5th, 2019 | Gang aft agley. That’s what happens to the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Who am I to disappoint? While not one for new year resolutions, I did think it a good idea to begin 2019 writing here more often (1). “Post every day!” I might have told myself enthusiastically, ignoring all previous failed attempts to do the same. So then, five days into 2019, this first post. Happy new year? (more…)