Sma buiks, wee poems. 

Little books of poetry published featuring the work of Scottish poets. Poems in Scots dialect, Gaelic, and Shetlandic. Poets include: Robert Burns, Maoilios Caimbeul, Ken Cockburn, Christine de Luca, William Hershaw, Eleanor Livingstone, Norman MacCaig, Edwin Morgan and Zoe Venditozzi.

StAnza | Scotland’s International Poetry Festival

Each year, Poems-For-All provides sma buiks for distribution during the annual poetry festival held in St. Andrews, Scotland. Often they feature poets who are participating that year.

StAnza 2018 


The Edinburgh Inch

Another means of poetry distribution in Scotland, The Edinburgh Inch is a small card featuring a cover image with poem(s) on the back. As the name suggests, these are mostly scattered like seeds in and around Scotland’s capital city. First published in 2016, there are now 28 editions.