last update: May 26th, 2021.

Until further notice, poems are not being accepted for publication for this time. Submission details remain below to give you a sense of what you need to do once poem submissions are being accepted again. You can use the follow button on the lower right to subscribe to the website and receive updates when submissions resume.

Important Notice!
While submissions are still being accepted, please note that it may take some time before accepted poem(s) get published. There’s a backlog. If you’re poem(s) make it onto the checklist they will be published!

Poems are not always published in the order received.

In most cases, if you have not received printed copies of your little book(s) it means they are not yet published (even if they are listed on the checklist.)

– – –

Poems-For-All is accepting poems for publication. Poems can be on any subject, in any style or from any “school” of poetry, but they must fit into the miniature format of the series. Whether you are an experienced poet, a published poet, a famous poet or someone new to poetry, dabbles in poetry, is a student, has never been published, has never considered themselves a poet (but thought, maybe…). Poems-For-All would like to have a look at your poems. The worst that can happen is I say, “No thanks, please try again.”

Please send no more than a dozen poems as part of your submission. I am not accepting book length manuscripts for publication.

Poetry submissions are by email only. Please do not send snail mail submissions to the old Sacramento address. Poems-For-All is now located in San Diego. Snail mail sent to the old address will not be forwarded.

Send your poems to:
Poems can be pasted into the message or sent as attachments.

Previously published poems are welcome. If you’d like a previous publisher to get credit, please provide those details when you send your submission.

Contributor’s Copies. Poets receive 25 copies of the books their poems are published in. (Exceptions include publication in collections, anthologies, and other special projects where the number of copies received may be different.)

It may take awhile before your poem(s) get published.  This may take some time. The backlog of submissions is sizable. If your poem(s) have been accepted, they will be published. I just ask you to be patient. You are always welcome to send an email — to the same address you’ll send your submissions — and ask about the status of things. Polite messages (which are, thankfully, what I receive most often) are likely to jog my memory and grease the movement of your poem(s) through the system.